Online Keno for Beginners

Keno is a great game that is usually played to pass the time in land-based casinos while waiting for other games to become available, enjoy keno at site. While it is typically a stand-alone game in online venues, some are incorporating the ability for players to enjoy it while playing their favorite casino games.

What is Keno?

Keno is a combination between bingo and a typical lottery and is a game that requires absolutely no strategy. Players simply purchase an 80-number keno card, select between one and 20 numbers on that card and then wait for the croupier--or in this case, the software--to pull up to 20 numbers out of the hopper. The more numbers a player can match, the more money they will win at Casino Mona Bonus. There are many variants to keno; some of the most popular have sports themes.

Keno vs. Bingo vs. Lottery

Keno is often compared to both bingo and lottery games as it shares a few innate similarities with each. It is very much like bingo in that players are required to mark their numbers as they are pulled from the hopper, but it is like the lottery in that players are able to select their own numbers from the keno card. The amount of money a player can win is based upon the amount of money the player wagers initially, a feature that is not shared with the fixed prizes associated with bingo or the lottery or play live games at Global Live Casino online.

The Odds

The fact is that keno has the worst odds of any casino game. Though this is the case, the payouts can be quite rewarding. While many people often consider keno players an odd lot, they must consider their own attractions to lottery games; the odds of winning these are one in hundreds of millions with online casinos. Keno is simply a way to increase a player's chances of winning while visiting a casino, regardless of the odds.

Since a keno card can be purchased for as little as $1.00, players should definitely give it a try if they are interested in it. If they are unable to win after a few rounds, they are not really out much but they have gained plenty of experience.